School Improvement Performance Goals

The Texas Education Agency and the Division of School Improvement has developed Education Service Center (ESC) performance goals and metrics using data from the state and federal accountability system. The performance goals defined in the 2020-2021 ESC Metrics Manual were created to further continuous improvement efforts of ESCs across the state of Texas.

This website provides ESCs with a description of each formative and summative metric outlined in the manual as well as a visual representation of the campus and district data used to calculate their metric baseline, assign a performance level for each metric, and set a target for overall ESC improvement.

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ESC Metrics Manual 2020-21

A technical guide explaining how the TEA uses data from the accountability system to further continuous improvement efforts of ESCs across the state of Texas.

TEA School Improvement Division

Monitoring and interventions for state accountability, federal accountability, and dropout prevention.

Effective Schools Framework

Provides the basis for school diagnostics and for aligning resources and support to the needs of each school.