School Improvement Performance Goals

The Texas Education Agency and the Division of School Improvement has developed a resource that uses data points to examine and support continuous improvement efforts of ESCs across the state of Texas.

This website, along with the 2021-2022 ESC Metrics Calculation Guide and individual ESC Metrics were created to test our School Improvement Theory of Action. These tools will provide ESCs with a description of each formative and summative metric and explain how information from different sources is used to calculate the metrics. The assignment of a performance level for each metric is based on individual ESC targets.

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Continuous Improvement and Strategic Adjustment

Collecting data and testing our SI Theory of Action will allow us to best improve our approach and strategy at the region and state level.

Theory of Action

The School Improvement Theory of Action lists 5 actions, that if completed by districts and campuses with intentionality and fidelity, school and student outcomes will improve. The actions are as follows:

  • Build a common vision of the highest leverage school practices
  • Receive ongoing, targeted feedback and support in plan implementation and change management
  • Assess the current state of school practice in relation to that vision
  • Connect to effective & specialized capacity builders
  • Prioritize gaps in systems and practices

The graphic places each action in a colored square. Each of the squares have been placed on a circle which leads the eye in a clockwise motion. Next to this visual is a picture of a bar graph that has a trendline to show progress.


ESC Metrics Manual 2021-22

A resource that explains how the TEA uses data points to examine and support continuous improvement efforts of ESCs across the state of Texas.

TEA School Improvement Division

Monitoring and interventions for state accountability, federal accountability, and dropout prevention.

Effective Schools Framework

Provides the basis for school diagnostics and for aligning resources and support to the needs of each school.


Support and communication may be done through the Texas ESC Slack channel or by contacting Joel Leagans.